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Game Killer Apk Latest Version Download For Android

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Game Killer Apk: If you are looking to Download Game Killer Apk Latest Version for Android, then you are at a right point. Game Killer is one of the best Android Games Hacking tools. It can help you in hacking unlimited powers like unlimited Money, Coins, Gold and many other things. You can also use it only for modifying offline Android Games to add some more tweaks to them. Because online games’ data are stored on their Servers and are out of reach of this tool. Well, Game Killer App is not available on Play Store because hacking based applications don’t follow Google’s terms & conditions. But no need to worry, we will provide you download link for Game Killer Apk or free through this article.

Game Killer Apk is like a heaven for all Android Games lovers. How? Using this application, you can hack your desired Android Game and access unlimited money in the game. It can boost you to Higher scores and you can unlock upper levels in the game. Isn’t it interesting? Yeah! It is one of the best hack ever for all gaming lovers. It is not so hard to operate this application, there is no need to learn to code any other new program to use Game Killer on your phone. I will tell you all the steps which you have to follow in order to hack any Android Game using Game Killer Hacking App. Recently, we have also shared Ludo Star Mod Apk for Android. You should check it out and enjoy unlimited Coins in the game.

This app works perfect on any Android smartphone, all you need is a Rooted device nothing else. If you haven’t rooted your phone, root it first. I think when you have heard of Game Killer App for the first time, you have definitely tried to search it on Play Store. Am I right? Maybe Yes because we all prefer Google play store when it comes to downloading any Android App. But as it is not available there, you felt disappointed. Well, no need to worry if you have also faced the same because through this article, you can download Game Killer Apk latest version for Android devices. Don’t forget to download GBWhatsApp & YoWhatsApp, these are the best WhatsApp MODs ever.

Download Game Killer Apk Latest Version for Android

Well, Game Killer doesn’t support all the Games because nowadays, security of Android Games is increased and it is unable to access their data. But still, you can MOD any old Android Games for more fun. Below in this article, I will share all the Games list which can be modified using this app. There are many possible reasons for using Game Killer Apk on your device. But some of the main purposes are that many people want to buy kinds of stuff like Cars, unlock levels and get unlimited Money/Coins while some people want to modify games just for doing some show off in front of their friends. Which one are you? 😛 Okay if you don’t want to answer, I will not ask it again. You may also like, FMWhatsApp Apk.

What is Game Killer?


    • 0.1 What is Game Killer?
  • 1 Download Game Killer Latest Version v4.10 Apk for Android
    • 1.1 Version Info
    • 1.2 Game Killer App (Features)
  • 2 Game Killer No Root
    • 2.1 Requirements To Install This App
  • 3 How To Install Game Killer Apk On Android?
    • 3.1 How To Mod Games Using Game Killer App?
    • 3.2 Video Tutorial: How to Use Game Killer on Rooted Android?
      • 3.2.1 Some Screenshots
  • 4 Game Killer for iOS?
      • 4.0.1 Conclusion
    • 4.1 Download More Fresh APKs !!

So, you have asked it directly Ahan! Okay, let you know Game Killer is an Android Games Hacking app for Android devices. It can change parameter values of your Android Games in order to increase Money, Coins, and High Score. You can hack any Android game and access its unlimited powers by modifying them using Game Killer app.

Download Game Killer Latest Version v4.10 Apk for Android

If you all are searching for this Apk for a long time, then it is the time to get it on your phone. Here, I am sharing Game Killer Latest Version Apk which is updated recently. It is one of the best tools for all Android Games Lovers. So, what are you waiting for? Just download it from the link given below and enjoy!

Download Game Killer Apk

Version Info

App Name Game Killer Apk
Last Updated March 29, 2017
Version Game Killer Team
Android Version Requires v4.10
Total Downloads 1,000,000+
App Size 1.32 MB
Developer Game Killer Team

Game Killer App (Features)

As you are going to download Game Killer app on your phone but why? Have a look at some wonderful features available only on this tool. There is no other app can beat Game Killer in its features. It works smoothly on all Android phones, so don’t worry about which phone it supports. Here is the list of all features, you may fall in love with.

  • Works smoothly on all Rooted Android phone
  • Supports lots of Android Games
  • Hack and Modify so many games
  • Get unlimited Coins, Money, and Scores
  • Game Killer app is free of cost
  • Change any value in the game
  • Easily works on almost all old offline games
  • Very easy to use

These are the not only features, you can explore lots of more amazing features after using this tool by yourself. I have just mentioned some of the most popular features liked by all of its users. It can install and work on any Android phone but one of the most important requirements where lots of people refuse this app is, You should ROOT your device first. Yes, it will not work without root access. If you don’t want to root your mobile and you are not a techie guy then this app is not for you.

It is one of the most powerful tools for all gamers. Now, there is no need to do hard tasks in order to achieve higher levels. Game Killer can provide you highest score and lots of Coins/Money in your desired game. Well, it doesn’t support all the Android Games but most of the old games are vulnerable to it.

Do you wonder to know, how to install and use Game Killer on Android phone? If Yes then no need to worry guys. Because below in this article, I am going to solve all of you queried one after one. You will get a well deeply described tutorial which can show you step by step guide to use Game Killer App on any Android device. Before proceeding to that part, first of all, let you know some important Requirements to make this app run on your phone.

Game Killer No Root

Nope, there is no benefit of searching Game Killer No Root on the Internet. Why? Because there is no Application available to Hack games without getting root access to your Android device. It is necessary to root your device first before going to install Game Killer for Android. I have shared this paragraph just to make you sure that there is no Game Killer Apk without Root is available. Don’t waste your time in searching for this again & again instead search rooting method for your Android to run Game Killer on it. If you have rooted your phone then have a look at a guide to install & use it.

Requirements To Install This App

In above section, we have shared Features of Game Killer. I am sure you have loved all of the features which this tool provides. Now, if you have made the decision to use this app then you should know what are the necessary requirements to enjoy Game Killer app.

  • Rooted Android Phone (Important! It will not work on the non-rooted Android device)
  • Game Killer Apk Latest Version
  • Sharp Techie Mind (Compulsory, It is not so easy to use Game Killer)

These are the only 2 requirements to use Game Killer App on any Android phone. Once you have to complete the rooting process then you can easily install and use this app on your phone. Well, I don’t think there is anything special Requirement to use this amazing App, but it was my duty to share a list of required items with you, so I did. Now, whenever you are ready for all required items, you can proceed to the main part of this tutorial.

How To Install Game Killer Apk On Android?

Maybe this question has appeared in your mind that How to Install Game Killer Apk on Android device? No need to worry about, as I am going to teach you full installation process step by step in below section. But I want to solve your confusion first, don’t think it’s hard or any newbie can’t handle this app. You don’t need to be a techie guy to use Game Killer, anybody can install and use this app on their device with a few simple steps. Let me tell you steps to install this Apk on your smartphone.

1) First of all Download Game Killer Apk file on your device from the above section.

2) Install the download Apk on your phone, you will get it in the download folder.

Install Game Killer Apk

If you had never installed any Apk on your device before, then you need to allow installation from unknown sources. For doing this, go to Settings >> Security >> Tick mark on “Unknown Sources” option.

Allow Installation of Apps from Unknown Sources

3) Try again to install same Apk after allowing unknown sources and you will succeed this time.

4) Open the App after installation, it will ask for Root Permission so simple Grant Root Permission to the app.

That’s it you has successfully installed Game Killer on your smartphone. It is ready to modify games as per your wish. Are you still getting confused that how to mod game using this app? I am sure you have lots of confusion regarding this app. Let me explain how to use it.

How To Mod Games Using Game Killer App?

This is the main question which everyone wants to know. Downloading Game Killer Apk on your phone is a simple task but without enough knowledge, you are unable to mod games using it. Now, the question is How to Mod Games using Game Killer App? Okay, let me answer you deeply.

1) Open the App on your device and minimize it without closing it. Click on Top Right button in the app or just press Home button for doing this.


2) Now, Open any Android Game which it supports. Play the game for some time until your Scoreboard and other data starts counting.

Game Killer Transparent Logo

3) After a few seconds, Press Game Killer Icon appearing on your screen. A box will appear, enter that particular value you have reached in the game. Like if you want to edit Score then enter your exact current score in the game or enter any another value you want to modify and appearing on the screen, right now.

4) Click on Search Box after entering your desired value and select data type as AUTO IDENTIFY. It will search and give you lots of results or just one, depending on the game. If it shows only one value then you are the lucky one. In this case, you can edit that particular value with your desired number which you want to see in Scoreboard. But if there are thousands of results then follow the 5th step again and again until just One or nearly result appears.

5) Play the game again until that counter reaches another value, Open Game Killer again and enter new value this time where the game has stopped.

6) Click on Search and wait until search completes. If it shows so many results you need to scroll and check the value with DWB written in front of it else you need to change values in all of them.

Rather than doing this, you should follow 5th step again and enter different value & search again and again until it shows few values so that you can change them easily. This is How you can mod games using this awesome game hacker app. I hope you have got the trick of using Game Killer app to modify any value in Android Gamer. Well, let you know, we have shared already modded Mini Militia Pro Pack recently on our site.

Video Tutorial: How to Use Game Killer on Rooted Android?

If you are unable to understand the tutorial from the given steps then you can take the help of this video tutorial. We found this video on YouTube and this channel described the whole process in a good manner. We hope you will understand all the steps easily through it. If you get stuck any step or not able to understand clearly, feel free to ask your query in the comment section. We will surely help you.

Let me ask, have you got the tutorial? We hope your answer is Yes. If not, let us know your problem in the comment section. After watching lots of videos we found this the most easier and useful. That’s why we selected this instead of thousands of others. Now, it’s your turn to learn How to Use Game Killer on Android. Make sure you have rooted a phone, if not then try to find a tutorial on YouTube for rooting Android first. If you have never used Game Killer before then maybe you don’t know how it looks like. So, here are some screenshots which show Settings you will get in the app.

Some Screenshots



Well, Game Killer doesn’t support all the games but some of the most popular games like Subway Surfer, Clash of Clans, Temple Run, Hill Climb, etc… are vulnerable to it. So you can easily make changes in these all games using this application. Isn’t it cool? I am sure you will fall in love with this app after using it for once on your smartphone. There is no need to pay any amount for downloading this application on your device, as I have already provided you a download link in above section and it will get updated whenever any new version of Game Killer App releases.

Game Killer for iOS?

Download Game Killer for iOS

Sorry to say, but guys, Game Killer is not available for iOS devices. Yes, maybe you can install it on your iPhone but you have to Jailbreak your device for it. I am sure you don’t want to lose your Warranty just because of installing a Game Hacking application on your iPhone or iPad. As Apple devices have a very high security, it is impossible to hack its Games or Apps. Even, no chance to install this type of Game Hacker applications on it. Unfortunately, Game Killer for iPhone is impossible to find because there is application is created for iOS. Well, you can enjoy Game Killer Apk on Android devices smoothly. 🙂 If you have any Android phone, then just follow the method shared above to make it run on your device. You may also like ES File Manager Pro Apk, we have shared recently.


This article is only dedicated to all Android Games players who wish to modify their desired games in order to get unlimited cash & high scores. I have provided you with a step-by-step guide to use Game Killer Apk for Android devices. It might be tough if you are not a techie person. You can download Game Killer Apk Latest Version for free from this article, anytime. Whenever any new update got released, we will update it here. If you found any download link or you have any query, feel free to ask it in a comment section.

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